Infection Control

Strict infection control measures are considered one of cornerstones in practicing any medical procedure , and it will be very helpful to you to read these two parts of the National Guide of Infection Control in Healthcare Units [Part 1 , Part 2] (Arabic PDF files) , or take a quick look at this booklet.

infection controlIn my clinic , about 30% of the fees of any procedure goes to infection control equipment (Autoclave and Water boiler)  , disposable armamentaria (gloves,face mask,needles, plastic napkins..etc) , materials (single dose anesthesia) , disinfectants (Sodium hypochlorite “Clorox” , Alcohol 95%..etc) , hand soap and Laundry Soap (for hand napkins)

I pay my full attention for infection control measures in every step I take during the process of sterilization, since I do it myself every work day.

It gives me pleasure if you ask for further details when you visit the clinic. and feel free to ask for separate personal instruments.